In Transylvanian culture and ethnography, “pricoliciul”(The Werewolf) is a human who have been cursed and can turn into a wolf-like creature that hunts the ones who did him wrong and murders one’s cattle.

I first heard about these werewolves when i was about 8 years old. My late grandmother told me a story that changed my conception over humanity.

She told me that one night, while she was very young, she heard her dogs barking and screaming very loud. When she got out of the house to see what is happening, a werewolf was in her backyard. “It was huge and had a big tail. The dogs were barking and screaming as if something deadly is in my backyard”, she told me.

The next story about these werewolves was told by my mothers father(my grandfather).

“It happened when i was just a young boy. My father was the mayor of the village and one man, who was known to turn into a werewolf thought that my father did him something wrong, so one night, this guy followed my father to our home and when my dead entered the house, the guy turned into this great big black thing. He had all of his body covered in hair and looked like a wolf. He was screaming and was hitting our front door.

My father took a fork and told him to go away or else he will stab him. Later on, the werewolf took of without hurting anyone.”, said my grandfather.

In Transylvanian culture it says that once a man turns into a werewolf, it takes a stabbing on a cut to turn him back to a human.


These days i decided to “rebrand” this blog, by presenting you the paranormal sideĀ  of Romania.

Throughout history, Romanians created a whole bunch of theories, regarding the paranormal.

Well…because i am very interested by the paranormal, i will present you a “king size chunk” of the Romanian parapsychology phenomenons that have filled the Romanian ethnography.

Stay tuned and you will read all about Romanian paranormal sites and phenomenons.

A few time ago I was a big fan of the American TV Series “OZ”. In one episode of the TV Series it was a scene in which a correctional officer said that he was going to eat at a Romanian restaurant. After that, he named a Romanian dish, but he named it wrongly. The real name of the dish is “ciulama de miel”, with an accent on the second “a” of the word “ciulama”, but the CO named it “CIUMALA DE MIEL”. Read the rest of this entry »

This is my first article about a country so beautiful, so peaceful, so complex and yet, so unknown to the World.

What do people know about my country? Some of the f0reigners that hear about Romania, think about three persons: Gica Hagi, Nadia Comaneci and Dracula, but I must say that Romania is more than that, Romania is a country so complex, that only few people dared to described it and nobody managed to say EVERYTHING it could be said about Romania. Read the rest of this entry »